House Extensions

Extending your living space is easier and more affordable than you may think. There are a multitude of styles to choose from to suit the individual requirements that are specific to you. From extending your kitchen area, to adding an entirely new bedroom above your garage – add some extra value and usage to your home.

Single Storey Extension

Need extra space on the ground level of your property? Whether it is to extend the kitchen for more preparation space, or enlarge your dining room to fit new family members round the table – you should opt for a single storey extension. They are typically inexpensive to build, depending on the quality of the ground the designated area sits on. Modern extensions offer more than ever from flat-roof windows to solid cavity walls that prevent heat escaping. The exterior material can be matched to the original brickwork so it blends beautifully with your property.

  • Increased living space
  • Extra value added to the property
  • Less expensive than selling your home for something bigger

Multiple Storey Extensions

This type of extension really opens up the living space in your property with minimum loss to your outside space. Homeowners often choose to extend and convert an attached garage and build on top of it. This extension can be cost-effective in the long run as the cost is shared between the foundations and the roof – this will then make the roof space liveable also. Visually, this extension can be full of curb appeal: it often blends in with the original facade of the property, creating perfect symmetry and improving its image.

Over-structure Extension

If you opt for this extension, you are most likely wanting to build over an already existing structure – a kitchen, garage, living or dining room for example. Typically, detached and semi-detached homes that were built in the past 40 years are eligible for this extension. This can be pricier than other types of extension if your home only has single-skin brickwork. Commonly, new foundations have to be built with an inner leaf, or you will need blockwork ‘piers’ with a fixed, steel beam in the garage.

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