If you are looking to expand the living space you currently have in your home, a popular choice amongst many is to convert your loft or attic space.

People often choose this method when less space is available in the rest of their properties but enjoy living where they do.

Commonly people choose to convert their loft into a bathroom, bedroom, gym, office or an accessible storage space – the uses are endless and entirely up to you.

Have a look at the gallery of Loft Conversions.

Loft Conversion Dormer

This form of conversion benefits those with limited loft or attic space.

There are 4 main forms of dormer conversions: Flat Roof, Shed, Gable Fronted and Hip Roof.


The windows are installed into the main roof, following whichever line it sits.
The windows allow for more light to pass through, making a room more spacious and inviting.

Mansard Loft Conversion

The idea of this conversion is to extend the full plane of your property’s roof.
The old sloping side of your roof is converted into an almost vertical one, at a minimum angle of 72 degrees and windows typically sit within small dormers.

Hip to Gable Mini

A hip to gable loft conversion is where the house is changed where the roof does slope in, which is usually at the side of the property. Effectively, this type of extension turns the sloping part of the roof, the gable part, into a vertical wall so that it is the same height as the rest of the roof.

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